Mrs Becher's Diary


October 3rd 1938 – (*The Munich Agreement 29.9.1938).

Lord Parmoor Greetings – grand old man of peace
Who laboured ceaselessly that wars might cease
And now you’ve lived to see your words come true
A gift that granted to the very few
That peace can reign & war need never be
if nation will with nation arbitrate
If heads of government will only wait
Until the right solution can be found
If all are wise, their efforts can be crowned
With fair success

The wondrous history of the week gone by *
Has shewn us all that horror, bloodshed, hate
And all the accompaniments of armed strife
Can in the light of reason melt away
And terror change within a single day
To calm, thanksgiving & a great relief
And you have lived to see your own belief
Accepted, successful – who can say
But that your labours in the years now past
Have helped in no small way to buy at last
The peace of Europe which is ours today
And as the seasons pass around again
your birthday comes – may the peace you laboured for
Increase, consolidate, till might & war
Become impossible a night mare dream
Of some forgotten age – and brotherhood
Fair dealing between nations reign supreme!

Violet Isobel Becher

Diaries transcribed by her grandson M.P.ANTHONY AINSLlE: 21.1.1995