Mrs Becher's Diary


Dora Brooke Clarke

Full, square faced, with its wrinkled skin deep coloured, blue eyes, breaking on occasion into an inscrutable smile – pernickety – her voice strong and deep with its genteel accent, fighting old age with a courage as amazing as it is pathetic.

Her art treasures in her antique shop are chosen with individual care and parted from with obvious regret. A tour of her shop shows them fingering them lovingly and it would be cruel to shew the slightest doubt of the genuineness in the face of the complete satisfaction. It is expected that purchases shall be taken away at once, as any packing is charged for.

Her hobby is the doing up of old collages and she had bought, restored and sold one or two before settling on antiques in the Old Manor House.

She had specialised in jewellery work and was a master silversmith.  In nursing a very dear friend, she contracted blood poisoning, lost the use of her thumb and was unable to carry on her craft.