Mrs Becher's Diary


Charles Jesse Wheeler

I t must always be something of a shock when someone well known to the whole village passes on into the Unseen World. Charlie Wheeler was known and respected by all and held in affectionate regard by the many with whom he had to do.

He was a familiar figure as day by day, perched high on the butcher’s cart with his rug tucked round him, he went his rounds, his whip raised to the salute as he smilingly greeted his friends. And whether the sun shone or the rain poured down, whether clients were full of blame or praise, he exhibited an unfailing cheerfulness which triumphed over all difficulties and temperaments.

His life was lived entirely in Tylers Green. As a boy in the Council Schools he will be remembered for his universal popularity with both pupils and masters; and for some years he was a regular member of the Church Choir.

He knew no other employment but that which he entered on leaving school and for 26 years he served loyally and very faithfully the master whose work he had come to identify almost as his own.

Thirty eight years is a short time to have lived, but he has left behind him a fine example of cheerful courage, hard work and tenacity of purpose coupled with the gift of universal comradeship, the amazing proof of which has shown itself in the very real sorrow of the whole village and in the multitude of flowers which covered his grave.