Mrs Becher's Diary


Miss Devereux

Tales of old Tylers Green would not be complete without mention of Miss Devereux.

She lived in the cottage next to Slades Garage (up Beacon Hill) and when one went to see her, she would be lying on a sofa by the window, covered with frilly coverings of all kinds. This sofa, which one imagines was also her bed, she shared with many cats – black ones.

I only remember her as an old sick woman and towards the end, as she lay looking out onto the road she had delusions and would describe how she saw a long row of black cats sitting on the wall which were knocked down and flattened out by the cars which passed. They would all straighten up again in readiness for the next car to come along.

She claimed relationship with her namesake the famous murderer who adorns Madame Tussauds. As an appreciation of all his kindness to her, she bequeathed to the Vicar at her death her fuschia plant which he had always admired.