Mrs Becher's Diary


Two Memories – Services in the Scout Hut

There was a time during the Building of the New Sanctuary when the week day services were held in the Scout Hut. The Scout Troop had been discontinued and the place was clean and dusted and kept locked between services.

We had rigged it up like a Chapel. There were rust coloured curtains at the windows and a rust and blue mat in front of the gas fire. Everything extraneous had been put away and a blue cloth completely covered the table that was to serve as the Altar.

The disused brass candlesticks were cleaned and polished till they shone and the vases were filled with flowers. A blue mat lay in front of the altar and one of the tall old oak coffin stools served as a Credence Table. Blue curtains neatly draped shut off a small part of the Hut near the door for a Vestry and the care and trouble we had taken was rewarded by a strange feeling of devotional atmosphere which filled the little building. This was helped perhaps by the fact that there were no Altar rails and during the Administration, the Vicar moved among us as we knelt in our places about the room.

The first morning the Vicar arrived his vestments were very damp (I had carried them over from the Church the night before). He brought them over to me and appealed pathetically for help. I had come early and had lit the gas fire and it was a simple matter to take the garments over there and dry them till it was time for the service to begin.