Mrs Becher's Diary


Frieth 1938 – Scouts and Guides

Nine little girls in navy blue
nine little boys – & just a few
friends & mothers & fathers too
Rover Scouts & a Ranger Guide
standing together side by side
up at the village hall at Frieth
Thursday, February seventeenth
nineteen hundred & thirtyeight
seven thirty and no one Iate!
nine little boys in navy blue
knotted scarves of crimson hue
corduroy breeks & everything new
Padre Wilkinson taught them all
Padre Wilkinson lithe & tall
nine little boys, each mother’s son
led by the hand at the Scout Salute
made his promise one by one
standing erect from head to foot
Colonel Wethered tall austere
called them his brethren then & there
youngest babes of the millions ——e
all nationalities true & loyal
adopted chiIdren of Baden Powell
nine little boys their promise made
Scoutmaster’s orders all obeyed
each had a hat all shining new
rammed on his head (a bit askew!)
staff of brotherhood firmly grasped
back to his place was duly marched

Nine little girls march prettily by
straight of limb & bright of eye
nine little girls (their ties of green
neatly knotted) alert & keen
stiff little blouses standing out
lean little figures! Round about
mothers are watching with prideful eyes
thinking (their thoughts are none too wise)
specially fine is her own little child
standing obediently meek & mild
Mrs Wilkinson hears the vow
spoken in voices clear & low
promising duty to God & King
a guide can be trusted in everything
promising always to do her best brooches
are fastened on every chest
golden trefoiIs – the Guiding crest
enrolment finished all in time
new made scouts and guides
combine to sing their lovely little rhyme
their good night hymn that God is nigh
putting aside all doubt and fear
asking God to be always near
seeking protection from unknown foes
benediction before repose
nine little scouts and nine little guides
off to their homes with joyful stride
shedding their ties of green & red
excited & happy & so to bed.