Mrs Becher's Diary


E. Roy Bird

Ernest Roy Bird and Nettie lived at the Beacon. He told us once that he was a past master at swearing having an immense vocabulary of unprintable words. He had renounced a fortune in order to marry Nettie who was a Roman Catholic. To his credit we should like to record that fact, but he still seemed to have more of this world’s goods than most people in the vicinity. He stood for Parliament and after having fought a losing battle for some years contesting the constituency of Lambeth North he finally [1924] was given a safe seat as Conservative MP for Skipton in Yorkshire.

His attendance at Tylers Green Church was restricted to twice a year ­on Easter Day and Christmas but nevertheless he told us that whenever he was in Yorkshire, he read the lessons in the Parish Church to impress his constituents. He was a large, good looking man, kindly and courteous until he was roused – a good friend but a bad enemy. Nettie was small and ambitious with great tenacity of purpose and kindliness of heart. She had taken great pains with herself and had attended classes so that she should be able to help her husband during election times.

Note: Ernest Roy Bird, 13 Oct 1883 – 27 Sept 1933. Solicitor, MP for Skipton Division, Yorkshire since 1924.  Died in office, causing by-election 1933.