Mrs Becher's Diary


Mr Cumberland

There was Mr Cumberland – very few things stand out in my mind about him, and perhaps there are only one or two of any interest. He was a Sidesman, but refused to be a member of the P.C.C owing to his deafness. For some years he was correspondent to the Managers of Tylers Green Council Schools.

Early in 1921, the Vicar sought election to the Rural District Council and in May of that year Edward Cumberland sent a four page (foolscap) printed manifesto to each individual member of the P.C.C. “I desire to protest etc …. “(Manifesto enclosed). There was another occasion when a young girl who had been to his home to be coached by him for an examination accused him of assault.

When this case was heard at the Police Court in High Wycombe, the vicar asked me to go down with the girl. We had to wait a long time in court before the case came up. I have often read in books of people turning grey, like ashes, but that was the first time I saw it in the flesh. Mr Cumberland’s face was perfectly grey. In the end there was no defence and the case was settled out of court, the girl accepting an apology and the payment of her costs.