Mrs Becher's Diary


Mrs Winslow

Those who helped to run the jumble sales were familiar with Mrs Winslow – a well covered gaunt figure with a slight caste in her bespectacled eyes and a loud voice, who could be persuaded to buy almost anything and at the end of the sale, most accommodatingly looked over ‘the remains’ (at a small inclusive price’ and removed it to her ‘shop’ to be sold presumably as antiques.

The ‘shop’ was a messy looking shack on the edge of Kings Wood full of filthy junk with a large notice – “Tired, come in and rest”. Her window dressing was let us hope unique and on occasion loose green peas were arranged artistically round bars of strong smelling soap. She kept a library consisting of musty looking books picked up at jumble sales and the boys of the village were invited in to read them. I had the privilege of an entire afternoon in reading and the hospitality of the shop.

She sent an advertisement for insertion in the Parish Magazine in which she stated that her shop would be open on Sundays. This met with the stern disapproval of our brethren of the Wesleyan Reform and she was asked to amend her advertisements in accordance with the 4th Commandment.