Mrs Becher's Diary


Sergeant Major Simms

Old Simms” – “the Major” as the villagers affectionately called him.

Patient and humble, with a devotion to duty and a capacity for work which are truly amazing. He had 48 years service in the Army (he was a sergeant before he was born!) and all the training he went through and his subordination of himself to the many officers under whom he served during all those years, has produced in him that efficiency and capability coupled with the beautiful humility which we all know so well.

He has a quick smile; and a sense of humour with a transparent honesty that looks out from the grey eyes.

The Tylers Green Branch of the British Legion is a flourishing concern and it is not an exaggeration to say that Simms is its mainstay. On official occasions he appears with a formidable row of medals, conspicuous among them being those for Good Conduct and Long Service.

He has had his share of sorrows. His second wife became totally blind before she died and not many years ago he suffered the tragic loss of his grandson aged 17.

He is an old man now and his heart is not strong; but he has a wonderful reserve of strength which never seems to fail him while there is work waiting for him to do.

During all these years of self-surrender he has learnt to care nothing for the praise of men, or for their gratitude. He loves the Church and its services, and in his simplicity and single mindedness he is content to give his life for others without thought of recognition or reward.