Mrs Becher's Diary


Arthur Jagger R.I.P February 8th 1938

A just man and a good man with a lively sense of fun. This was apparent in the somewhat surprised looking eyes and a mouth which seemed always to be trembling into a laugh. The fun might have had a sharp edge to it long ago but the passing years had evidently mellowed and softened it.

Righteousness looked out from the face, and uprightness and an understanding heart. A slight brusqueness of manner and a harsh voice belied the very real kindliness within. Everyone respected Artur Jagger and he was everyone’s friend.
He was a man of high principle and straight forwardness; and his abhorrence of deceit or wrong doing did not for a single moment make him despise any of his neighbours.

I think reverence from his fellow creatures and tolerance of their failings endeared him to all who knew him, and there are many who will remember his ready sympathy.

He died a few days after his 70th birthday and I think he cannot have been afraid to pass into the presence of his Creator.