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Rev. Ashley Spencer’s Short Stay In Brazil

Dear VV. I came across the below from the Lancashire Evening Post, on Friday 27th March1908 (the story must have come from a press agency) and I thought it might be of reads as follows:

‘Vicar’s Short Stay In Brazil’
A unique experience has fallen to the lot of the Rev. Robert Ashley Spencer, the vicar of Tyler’s Green, near High Wycombe. Early in February he undertook a voyage to Madeira for his health and having spent a few days there, he met a personal friend, and accompanied him on his steamer bound for Brazil. Absorbed in conversation, he found himself being carried on to Pernambuco, where safely arrived after an eight days voyage. On his arrival he at once despatched a cablegram to his wife, who, not knowing what had become of him had had an anxious time. Mr. Spencer only remained in South America for a couple of hours availing himself of a steamer that was returning to Madeira immediately. His momentary absent-mindedness involved him in a voyage of 6,000 miles.

Alan Birch, Village Voice 167, April 2015