Vicars and Church Activities


1954 Centenary Celebrations

The photograph below was published in Miles Green’s book The History of St. Margaret’s Tylers Green on this website and is repeated here as part of the history of vicars from 1854 to date.

It includes the bishop of Buckingham and a group of local clergy.

St Margaret’s, Tylers Green, Centenary Celebrations, October 1954
Back Row: Peter Stapleton, Jack Hemuss, Terry Hemuss, Ron Blaxter
Middle Row: Stuart Harley, Brain Hemuss, Geoffrey Palmer, ??, Pat Tomlinson, Barbara Barnes, Ernie Witney, Pat Stapleton, Elizabeth Small, Ernie Trendall,
Hilda Hemuss, Harry Holmes, Mrs Holmes (Organist), Nelly Hughes (Mrs Lancaster Rose’s housekeeper), Don Butler, ??, Jean Rolfe
Front Row: Revd Houlday, Revd Siderfin (St Margaret’s), ??, The Bishop of Buckingham Revd. Robert Hay, Mrs Editha Lancaster Rose, Revd Oscar Muspratt (HT Penn), Mrs Small, Choirmaster & Organist.
(Thanks to Peter Stapleton for identifying the people in the photograph)

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