World Wars 1 and 2


Poem: ‘Wycombe in Khaki’

Bucks Free Press 18/12/14 (p.7)


Oh! The Wye it came to Wycombe,
And the swans came with it too.
But now they’ve changed their plumage white,
For khaki’s sober hue.

Our famous fighting swan’s unchained,
And now in Northern France.
Giving “socks” to German goose-steppers,
And checking the War Lord’s chance.

We’ve thousands more in Wycombe,
Who their “little bit” must do.
And when they’ve done it, you may bet,
He’ll change his point of view.

I. COOK, Cherry Cott., Tylers Green.

Maude Smith’s WW1 Diary – 1914.  Thanks to Jon Walters and Ron Saunders.